Early in 2022, Valve shook the gaming industry with the Steam Deck. Prior to its official launch, some where skeptical given the hit-and-miss reception of handheld gaming PCs like those from GPD and others. Nevertheless, the device is a smash hit and competitors also want a piece of the pie. One to watch out for this year is the AYANEO KUN.

This new model somehow goes against the grain when it comes to portability as it’s significantly larger than the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. The latter two are already considerably chunkier than Nintendo’s hybrid console but are more appealing courtesy of the huge library of titles available.

AYANEO’s previous models were lauded for their superior ergonomics, but it remains to be seen if the KUN continues this trend. We believe the massive 8.4” 2.5K IPS display would make it easier to appreciate the visuals of various games. Moreover, this bad boy is packing an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U “Phoenix” APU.

Early impressions suggest the handheld platform can push performance beyond what gamers come to expect from devices like it. Therefore, it’s equipped with a 75 Wh, 19,500 mAh battery which is remarkably higher than what its rivals use for their systems. Similar to the ROG Ally it runs on Windows 11 out of the box.

The spec sheet hints that the AYANEO KUN is designed to run AAA games without FPS issues. Storage capacity and RAM options have yet to be disclosed. The layout shows two Hall effect analog sticks, a D-pad, dual circular touchpads, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, four back buttons, and forward-firing stereo speakers.

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Images courtesy of AYANEO