The AYA Bazooka makes sushi-making easy, fast, and convenient. It has everything you need to make this delicious traditional Japanese dish including a rice paddle, sushi knife, and more.

For starters, you have the sushi bazooka, named as such because it resembles the “Stovepipe.” Made with durable, BPA-free, and FDA-approved material, it consists of a screw cap on the end of the rod. The cap needs to be removed before washing and this gear is dishwasher safe.

Then you have a sushi knife for a clean and precise cut of your ingredients. Of course, of the sushi itself. The knife comes with a perforated and razor-sharp blade. It is best to wipe the blade clean with rice after every cut and to keep it damp. If you’re in a rush, the kit also comes with a nigiri maker for the perfect traditional sushi.

As with any sushi, rice is an essential part of the ingredients. With this, you need a good spreader to keep it flat and even, so you don’t have to settle with using your hands. The AYA Bazooka gives you a rice spreader made with 100 percent natural bamboo. It also has bamboo mats made with 100 percent premium grade bamboo sticks, woven together with cotton strings.

Then there’s the bamboo rice paddle which is best soaked in cold water before use to prevent the rice from sticking. Lastly, the AYA Bazooka has five pairs of bamboo chopsticks to eat your sushi with, although using your hands is also acceptable in Japanese culture.

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