If you are serious about eco-friendliness, you may have already heard of Rimac Automobili. The company first impressed the automotive world with their beautiful Rimac Concept One electric supercar. Since then, the manufacturer has also showed excellent skills in building very cool two-wheel vehicles, and the Greyp G12S is one of them.

Greyp G12S Electric Bike Side ViewGreyp G12S Electric Bike

The bike-slash-motorcycle is actually a new and improved version of the original Greyp G12 model, and it is definitely one of the best things a green commuter could ever ask for. Its rider can choose to assist the drivetrain by pedaling, or just enjoy the ride sweat-free. With three different riding modes, the G12S can adapt easily to a variety of road conditions, winning a lot of points for versatility.

When in Eco Mode, it offers the best possible range at chill speeds. The clever Street Mode was introduced to automatically limit the power and top speed figures so as to avoid the unpleasant situation where local regulations would consider the vehicle a motorcycle, and not an electric bike. Finally, the Power Mode unleashes all of its potential, delivering 12 kW of power and reaching 43.5 mph.

Greyp G12S Rear Shock Absorber Greyp G12S Electric Bike Hydraulic Caliper Greyp G12S Electric Bike Display

The G12S needs only 80 minutes to recharge from a regular 110/220V outlet. On a full charge, it can cover up to 74.5 miles, and its many built-in sensors and gauges can even predict how much longer it can continue going, judging by your riding style. Useful recommendations about how to preserve energy are also immediately offered.

One of its most exciting features is the fingerprint-activated engine. This makes the “Where did I put my keys” problem virtually obsolete. It also makes life extra difficult for thieves. Because with its cool urban design and eye-catching paint job, the Greyp G12S is clearly not an unremarkable two-wheeler.