Those of you who know a thing or two about Nixie tube clocks will definitely want to hear about this awesome little gadget. Dubbed Bulb Keo, the product includes a series of stainless steel cathodes that were shaped as numbers and placed behind a wire mesh. The entire setup sits in a tube filled with ionized neon gas, and when power runs through a specific cathode, it glows in an eye-catching orange hue in order to indicate the current time.

Awesome Blub Keo Nixie Tube Clock

The Bulb Keo is a more than just a simple desktop clock, though, as it can also tell the temperature and the date in the same unique manner. With the help of a remote, it can take on the role of a backlight, which can always come in handy while working at a desk. All of this for just $300 sounds like a pretty good deal, wouldn’t you agree?

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