Leatherman and French rapper Orelsan’s AVNIER brand team up for a fashionable spin on the iconic WAVE+ multitool. The AVNIER x Leatherman Wave+ still packs the handy utility tools from the original but now comes with even more beautiful aesthetics. 

Orelsan brings the useful, efficient, and durable line of his streetwear brand to one of Leatherman’s most trusted tools for every handyman out there. The collaboration keeps the 18 built-in one-handled tools intact. These include needle-nose pliers with a tapered shape to allow for precise manipulation and secure hold of objects. The pliers incorporate a more flared part, a cable cutter, and replaceable wire cutters. 

The AVNIER x Leatherman Wave+ still has the stainless steel knife from the original Wave+. This time it comes in a black oxide coating for durability and corrosion resistance. It sports AVNIER’s logo laser etched on the side in gray for durability over time. Then there’s the ruler, a medium-size screwdriver, nail file, scissors, two sizes of bit drills, and a saw. This updated version now offers a robust and replaceable cable cutter. 

But best of all, this AVNIER x Leatherman pocket toolbox is easily operable. It opens and locks quickly and easily so you can use it with just one hand. The various accessories can even be used with the tool folded and closed. It locks in place during and after use to prevent accidents.

The AVNIER x Leatherman Wave+  is a compact multitool at just 241 grams and measures 10cm L x 3.05 cm W. It comes with a cord ring for attachment and a nylon storage case with a metal snap button and reinforced belt loop.

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Images courtesy of AVNIER