Continuing their tradition of creating high-end, functional mechanical art devices, Superveloce has just taken coffee-making to atmospheric levels. Their Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 Coffee Machine ($Inquire) is made to resemble a military jet engine on your counter.

Just like in the case of their previous work, the V12 Espresso Machine, the materials on this bad boy are premium. Namely, the Turbojet 100 is constructed of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, aluminum bronze, and stainless steel. The operation is said to be very easy for making either coffee or tea using a high-pressure system, and the machine can run off either 110-120 or 220-240 volts.

A 62 pound espresso maker may seem a bit much for making a single cup of joe at a time, but you have to admit this would make a helluva conversation piece and a valuable collectible for any aviation aficionado. A limited run of just 100 units.