Aux Box is taking its prefab designs to the waters at the Tofino Resort & Marina on the west coast of Vancouver Island. A wood-fired floating sauna awaits a group of four who wants a unique experience on the island’s chilly waters. 

It takes a half-hour boat ride through the UNESCO-protected Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve to get to the cedar-clad prefab sauna that floats peacefully on the water. Aux Box fashioned one of its existing models to construct the sauna. An 86-square-foot design with metal cladding and a covered deck sets up the framework.

Then Aux Box used cedar for the interior including the floors, ceilings, walls, door, and entryway. A floor-to-ceiling triple-plane window initially carved at the front now occupies the back. It acts as a thermal barrier by optimizing insulation and reducing condensation and fogging. The window also frames the landscape giving guests scenic views while they steam.

The company craned the sauna into place just like how they installed their prefab yoga studios or offices. This process allows for other additions to the setup including a deck with a seating area and a netted cutout that serves as a floating hammock. Another addition is a rainwater catchment and storage space. 

Aux Box made sure their floating sauna is safe. As such, a heat shield wraps the wood-burning stove while a venting system helps maintain adequate airflow within the confined space. The company intends for this commissioned project to be a place of respite for those looking to have a quiet time alone or bond with friends. In this sense, the area is off-grid. It has no cell service and no Wi-Fi. Suffice to say, it’s a serene place to unwind and find solitude at the same time.

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Images courtesy of Aux Box