When an emergency situation or wreck traps you inside your vehicle, you may have only moments to save your life. Keeping an autoXscape 3-in-1 Car Emergency Tool ($60) close by is a smart idea that will greatly enhance your chances of survival.

Built into a tough frame of Type II hard-anodized, military-grade aluminum is a safety-recessed seat belt cutter. It only requires a moment to remove the tail cap to expose the blade which is otherwise concealed for safe carry. Once out of your seat belt, the tail cap becomes a very strong and efficient glass breaker. The autoXscape tool also contains a very powerful 3-function flashlight with a high beam that blasts 135 lumens for just over four hours before you need to replace its batteries (3 AAA included). The low-beam setting is a still-strong 50 lumens that give the batteries a runtime of around twenty hours. The third function flashes the International SOS Morse Code signal for up to 28 hours.

The compact tool can be mounted for instant access either via the included screw mount or the high-strength 3M adhesive pad. The autoXscape is also ANSI-certified and will remain safe for a half hour in three foot of water.