Relying on brand recognition alone, we’re seeing upscale marques selling anything from champagne chests, consumers electronics, and a lot more. In the meantime, Aston Martin is dabbling with architecture to fulfill the desires of anyone for whom money is no object. The Automotive Galleries and Lairs is a project to create lavish spaces for your equally-expensive vehicles. This service is just one of the many exciting announcements at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance.

Ideally, automakers stick to what they do best. This means that consumers will probably just see various vehicle models and their annual refresh every time. However, some have developed into icons of style and luxury that encourage these companies to branch out into new fields.

On the other hand, the British automotive company is making a bold move by offering something extraordinary on the menu. It might seem overkill by normal standards, but the rich and famous are no strangers to extreme opulence.

Just like any other structure, plans need to be made before work can even begin. Thus, clients will meet with the Aston Martin Design Team and work out the details alongside top-notch architects. This makes each project unique, which is exactly how people with money to burn want it to be.

Aston Martin’s Automotive Galleries and Lairs is an insane way to flaunt your wealth. As far as we know, the only limit here is your imagination as the team will gladly comply to turn your ideas into reality. For inspiration, there are a few examples on display that range from spaces with swimming pools, aquariums, and panoramic views.

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Images courtesy of Aston Martin