As a fledgling carmaker, it will take time to earn the level of recognition established marques have built over the years. However, if the flagship model in your lineup manages to set a new lap record on challenging tracks like Nürburgring, it will generate a lot of buzz in the industry. This is exactly what the Fulminea intends to do.

Before Automobili Estrema moves forward with the run, interested parties can help fund this thrilling endeavor via Kickstarter. The group is fairly new to the EV scene which is why it is in need of investments for the attempt. So far, the machine in question is engineered with a staggering performance in mind.

The Fulminea is an electric hypercar whose name means “lightning fast” in English. The Italian manufacturer endows its platform with a quad-motor setup. Its all-wheel-drive configuration purportedly produces up to 2,040 horsepower. In fact, they believe it’s more than enough to hit 200 mph from a standstill in less than 10 seconds.

Torque vectoring is another cutting-edge motoring tech, which, along with the aggressive aerodynamic body, should enhance its handling and driving dynamics from start to finish. Furthermore, carbon fiber is the material of choice for weight savings. The Fulminea tips the scales at only 3,300 lbs.

Furthermore, the rear wing, air intakes, curves, and low ground clearance adds to its aggressive profile. Powering its systems is a 100 kWh hybrid battery from Avesta Battery Energy Engineering (ABEE). A full charge is supposedly enough for up to 325 miles. The Fulminea Nürburgring record attempt is pegged for September 2023.

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Images courtesy of Automobili Estrema