Pumpit’s AutoBuff Cordless Car Polisher is for the ultimate shine that will leave your car sparkling like a diamond. It makes polishing, finishing, and compounding less messy and fun.

This must-have car gadget saves you money in auto care centers that charge a hefty fee just for a shine. It lets you do the job yourself without sans the worry of chipped paint and such. It buffs your car without damaging the paint so your ride comes out looking brand new.

The AutoBuff Cordless Car Polisher stands out from standard rotary polishers because of its dual-action movement. Its 5″ polisher orbits the pad around the central spindle and rotates the pad on its own axis. This allows you to move the device effortlessly when removing the scratches and swirls.

Best of all, it is cordless and thus, not messy. You avoid getting trapped in between cables or having to hoist the wire in places for easier cleaning movements. Instead of a direct plug, this device runs on a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 45 minutes. Sans the cables, you can work on corners and other hard-to-reach areas on your car. LED lights indicate the battery level so you know it’s time for a recharge.

The AutoBuff Cordless Car Polisher also operates silently at below 80 decibels and boasts an ergonomic grip for comfort. It is lightweight at just 2.8 pounds so you can operate it with ease for longer periods. It has an integrated cooling system to prevent overheating and a couple of speed level choices at the range of 3,400 to a 3,800 OPM. The speed settings ensure your car paint remains intact.

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Images courtesy of Pumpit