While some bikes are for show, others are surprisingly ready for tough-as-nails endurance. The latter might be something that one picks out if they plan to travel long distances and in remote areas. Durability and performance matter the most when it comes to unforgiving routes and challenging terrain. Auto Fabrica embodies everything into its Type 7X and with good reason. Yamaha took all the good elements from the XT500 which was then turned into a proper road bike – the Yamaha SR500.

The latter is the donor model for this striking beauty from Auto Fabrica. A lot of care and bespoke craftsmanship is going into each example, which makes it even more desirable for collectors. “The Type 7X was a concept,” stated the shop. “The idea of running the pipe high and integrating it into the bodywork was always appealing, and building around obstacles offers great opportunity to design and create something awesome.”

Work involves stripping down a 1980 SR500. Aside from the bodywork and overall aesthetics, Auto Fabrica paid special attention to the engine. Tweaks such as Mikuni VM34 carburetors, foam filters, high-compression pistons, ported cylinder heads and more. To give the powerplants a fresh look, the bare aluminum gets a special treatment to withstand corrosion.

As for the seat, Auto Fabrica is giving the Type 7X a black suede treatment that adds a premium vibe about it. Meanwhile, the tank gets a makeover with some unique customizations of its own. Completing the off-road look are a pair of Mitas trails tires.

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Images courtesy of Auto Fabrica