We’re willing to be that a lot of you plan to or already own an EV. With the erratic spikes in fuel prices at the pump, you might as well jump on the all-electric bandwagon now. If you already have a make and model in mind, the next best thing to grab is Autel’s MaxiCharger.

Just in case you’re still not up to speed, your electric vehicle needs to plug in to recharge its batteries. The process is simple enough and involves the use of a charging unit supplied by the manufacturer or sold separately depending on the package.

However, you might want to upgrade to something more versatile. The MaxiCharger is great to have when there are no fast-charging facilities near your area. EV manufacturers continue to build infrastructure to support sustainable mobility platforms, but these are still not as ubiquitous as gas stations.

Autel has been in the business of automotive diagnostics, inspection, analysis, and more since 2004. It now caters to EV owners who want something more advanced to top up their rides. Most standard charging solutions only offer level 1 capabilities. The MaxiCharger, on the other hand, is a 240V and 40A level 2 system.

It can recharge your EV’s batteries up to seven times faster than what the average home charger can deliver. The MaxiCharger is IP65-rated, which allows you to install it inside or outside of your residence. Thermal management is likewise top-notch which enhances its safety against overheating.

Smartphone connectivity via Wi-Fi lets EV owners check the charging status remotely. Insights such as charging efficiency, battery level, and other crucial metrics are accessible. Monitor and control your MaxiCharger via the companion app just the way modern tech should be.

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Images courtesy of Autel