The Aura Lights($65,00) may change the way we decorate our Christmas trees forever! Forget about untangling chaotic cables or changing bulbs, and avoid potential fire hazards of traditional Christmas lights. The Aura lights are completely wireless and are designed to be safer than regular lights, using LEDs which produce close to zero heat.

Simply snap the Aura Power Ring (42″ or 30″ wide) onto your tree, plug it into your wall, place the ornaments on your Christmas tree, and you’re set! The forest green ring camouflages perfectly and it can power up to 100 wireless lights, while the LEDs can last for up to 20 years at full brightness, without the need to be changed. Three ornament options are available: Clear, Frosted and Crackle, and they can be white or multicolor. And, of course, you can control your lights from the free app on your iOS, Windows, or Android smartphone.

Aura Wireless Christmas Lights 4 (1)

Aura Wireless Christmas Lights 4 (2)

Aura Wireless Christmas Lights 3

Aura Wireless Christmas Lights 1

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