When you have an eye for detail, it can either be considered a blessing or a curse. The former is great for a career in design, while the latter can leave people sleepless until they’ve achieved their desired aesthetics. We want to help out and let’s start with the empty shelves or desk space on your workstation. Bored Eye studio has a stylish solution called Audiobookends.

A bit of research tells us many interior design experts recommend books as ideal items to decorate the voids in any room. This is great when you already have a sizeable library of unused tomes on hand. If not, drop by some local discount shops, flea markets, or the occasional garage sales in your neighborhood.

Hardbound types are preferable, but not a requirement. Typically, folks arrange these horizontally which is fine, but the Audiobookends would look even better with them upright. According to designer Liam de la Bedoyere, this was a personal project filed completed in 2022.

As suggested by the name, we have a trio of speakers that double as forms of support. The set includes two front-firing speakers in the shape of triangles and a single rectangular unit with rear-firing woofers. The front sections are wrapped in acoustic fabric with top-mounted LED light indicators.

Meanwhile, all three have a USB-A and a USB-C port on the back with a round push button. We’re guessing these are wirelessly paired and rechargeable to omit unsightly cables. If you’re like us and love to listen to relaxing tunes with a good book in hand, then the Audiobookends are an excellent all-in-one solution for decor, music, and organization. 

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Images courtesy of Bored Eye/Liam de la Bedoyere