Audio Technica is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year by releasing a special turntable for vinyl enthusiasts. Here is the AT-LP2022 and it should be obvious right away what the selling point of this model is. The company is appealing to our fascination with the inner workings of our electronics with a transparent construction.

If clear housings are your kind of thing, then don’t delay as it is a limited-edition release only. Audio Technica is now accepting preorders and shipping out units shortly after Thanksgiving. Allocate your budget for holiday shopping now as the AT-LP2022 will cost $1,200.

Dimensions are 17” x 13” x 5.3” (W x D x H) and the turntable weighs about 18 lbs. It uses a belt-drive system and uses a carbon fiber tonearm that holds a lightweight AT-HS4SV headshell. Audio Technica is crafting the chassis out of high-density acrylic to reveal its other mechanical components and electronics.

Even the platter is also crystalline in design, which easily makes the AT-LP2022 a visual highlight of any room it sits in. According to the manufacturer, the material is more than just an aesthetic feature as its properties help reduce resonance.

The motor’s speed sensor ensures accurate rotation speeds to playback 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records perfectly. Height adjustable feet make it easy to position properly in case the surface where it stands is not level. To keep dust and other particles away from the AT-LP2022 don’t forget to replace the cover after use.

To match the transparent theme of the turntable, Audio Technica offers a clear-body Shibata stylus. Pair it with your AT-LP2022 to enjoy every nuance of your favorite tracks. Audio Technica says it will donate a portion of proceeds from each sale of its 60th-anniversary products.

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Images courtesy Audio Technica