When tuning experts start their projects with an already muscular car, the outcome is bound to be spectacular. This is exactly the case of the Audi RS6 Avant by Schmidt Revolution. With extra 120 PS (88 kW), the wagon is stronger, faster, and overall cooler than the standard 560 PS version, boasting a new total output of 680 PS (500 kW).

Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution Side View Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution Rim

The figures can be upped even further by adding an optional stainless steel exhaust system into the mix, and squeezing an extra 15 PS (11 kW) from the 4.0-liter V8 engine. The effect which the optional Dynamic Plus Package has on the car’s performance is obviously pretty exciting as well: acceleration tops out at 205 mph, giving adrenaline junkies plenty of reasons to love it.

For €3,499 (approx. $3,800), you get the first stage upgrade, which involves a few engine electronics tweaks for added power. For the new exhaust and valve control option you would have to pay an extra €4,299 (approx. $4,700). The striking body wrap is priced at €1,899 (approx. $2,000), and an additional €799 (approx. $870) would also secure you a kW coilover kit. But if you feel extra spendy, you can also get a set of in-house 21-inch wheels and ContiSportContact SP tires in 295/30×21 for €3,999 (approx. $4,370) more. Because luxury thrills never come cheap.

Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution Front Lights Audi RS6 by Schmidt Revolution Back 2