We haven’t seen any big updates when it comes to all-electric rides for a while now. Thankfully, Audi is taking us out of a dry spell with the introduction of the e-tron S lineup. It seems that almost every other automaker is stepping up their zero-emission offerings. Therefore, this German Marque has no plans to just sit and wait for the competition to get a head start.

The new trim will be available for the regular e-tron and the Sportback variant. Those who are after more horsepower than what the standard version can offer will feel right at home. We’re looking at an impressive upgrade that delivers up to 496 horsepower along with 717.6 lb-ft of torque at the owner’s disposal.

This apparently comes from the new electric drivetrain layout. Audi is arming the e-tron S with an additional electric motor to its rear axle. Therefore, we are looking at a triple setup with torque vectoring technology.

What this means is that the crossover normally relies on the two electric motors on the rear to push it forward. The moment the sensors detect a loss of traction or if the operator requires more power, the front axle-mounted unit springs to life.

Aesthetic-wise, it will be hard to tell which is the e-tron S from the regular model. So far, Audi points at the front bumper and the rear diffuser, which sports a new design. By default, this all-electric crossover duo ships with 20-inch wheels. However, buyers can go for the optional 22-inch alloys if they wish to. Other details such as range, pricing, availability have yet to be revealed.

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Images courtesy of Audi