Audi’s first major announcement for 2023 is the Activesphere concept – a versatile EV with a cool adaptive capability. It is a crossover SUV by default but can turn into a pickup truck to haul larger cargo. Meanwhile, automotive industry pundits report that the marque’s Grandsphere might soon hit the assembly line. However, they claim it will be marketed as the next A8.

So far, the company’s reputation for turning these forward-thinking projects into production models touts a reputable track record. Hence, interested buyers should keep a close watch just in case reservations suddenly open out of the blue. It’s high time, the German carmaker grants its luxury sedan an all-electric makeover.

Green motoring appears to be the inevitable goal for all manufacturers. As roadmaps from various groups hint at the full electrification of their fleet in the next few years, more models apart from the Grandsphere could soon follow thereafter. Depending on how successful the zero-emission A8 becomes, it could fast-track the release timelines of the other Audi EV prototypes.

If the fully electric A8 retains the bold yet elegant form of the Grandsphere, the demand that follows should be staggering. In an interview, Audi design chief Marc Lichte elaborates further on the upcoming four-door. Not all elements from the concept will make it into consumer versions, yet there are enough to satisfy discerning clients.

According to the current state of self-driving technology, level 5 autonomy is not ready for commercial applications. The next-generation A8 will use Audi’s latest 800V Premium Platform Electric architecture. Nevertheless, we do know many would love to see the Activesphere leave the concept stages instead.

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Images courtesy of Audi