ATOWAK is pleased to announce its participation in the Time to Watches exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland, where it achieved remarkable success.

As one of the well-known independent watch brands with a commitment to uniqueness, ATOWAK showcased its latest tourbillon series ATOWAK CORE at the event. ATOWAK CORE represents a significant breakthrough for ATOWAK in technological and craftsmanship innovation, it equips an in-house central tourbillon movement with over 120 hours of power reserve. Garnering nearly unanimous acclaim at the exhibition, watch enthusiasts who have worn it highly appreciate its design, comfort, and the exceptional quality it offers well beyond its price range. The ATOWAK CORE will officially launch on May 21, 2024, on ATOWAK’s official website. Click the link to learn more about this epic timepiece and enjoy the launch day special offer:

During the exhibition, ATOWAK also showcased several models from its classic Wandering Hour series, including the Windows Pro, Ettore, and Spaceship. Many fans of ATOWAK took advantage of this opportunity to experience firsthand the unique design and exceptional quality of ATOWAK watches.

Furthermore, ATOWAK engaged in extensive discussions and collaborations with industry peers from around the world during the exhibition. Throughout the event, the ATOWAK team communicated extensively with other exhibitors, collectively exploring industry trends, innovative technologies, and market opportunities within the watch industry.

“We are honored to have participated in the Time to Watches exhibition and to have had the opportunity to engage face-to-face with watch enthusiasts in Europe,” said the founder of ATOWAK, Johnny Deng. “This exhibition provided us with a valuable opportunity to make our debut in Geneva and to connect with leading watch brands and enthusiasts from around the world. In the future, ATOWAK will continue to participate in various exhibitions, allowing watch enthusiasts worldwide to experience the unique design of ATOWAK watches.”

ATOWAK remains committed to its principles of unique design, exceptional quality, and innovative spirit, continuing to provide high-quality watches and services to consumers worldwide.