There are multiple ways how you can make a good first impression. Experts agree it involves practices like punctuality, eye contact, smile, body language, attentiveness, attire, accessories, and more. However, there’s another aspect we often overlook which is our sense of smell. Thus, it is essential for guys to consider the fragrance they wear at work or when out in public. Blu Atlas just so happens to have an excellent eau de parfum that evokes a tropical escapade. This is the Atlantis!

It’s no secret that aside from looking dapper, smelling great is also a major factor when it comes to self-confidence. Studies show people tend to have a positive association with an individual who exudes a pleasant aroma. As such, this is a simple yet effective way for you to really knock it out of the park during the first encounter. According to Blu Atlas, this scent draws inspiration from the coastal jungle locations – specifically in Bali, Indonesia.

Packaging And Presentation

We all know aesthetics matter since visual information usually arrives first followed by the rest of our senses. Therefore, the team behind the Atlantis goes for understated elegance which is clear from the design of its box and bottle. It gives off a stealthy vibe via a blackout colorway that dominates everything here. Blu Atlas presents this eau de parfum stylishly with a magnetic closure cover. A firm tug at the pull tab opens the lid to reveal a dark container nestled within the cutout protected by foam on all sides.

This ensures that nothing jostles around during transit so buyers can get their orders in pristine condition. Further enhancing its appeal is the matte black finish. In fact, its Stygian approach definitely adds a premium and masculine touch to the overall presentation. The exterior of the bottle features an embossed “ba” badge in the middle with the “Atlantis” text down toward the base. Underneath the cylindrical cap is a pressure-sensitive atomizer to disperse a fine mist with every spray.

A Breakdown Of The Fragrance

The overview would be incomplete without details as to what your nose can pick out each time the Atlantis is applied. Since not everyone is equipped with the same olfactive capabilities of professional testers, let us take Blu Atlas’ word for it. Starting with the top notes, there are hints of lemon,  blackcurrant, and bergamot. Next up are the mid notes of peach, apricot, lavender, and clary sage. Finally, the product page indicates base notes of musk, oak moss, ambrette seed, orris, and violet.

As you can glean from the complexities of this eau de parfum, it is a wonderful option for the discerning gentleman. We believe, the profile it conveys is that of sophistication with a hint of freshness. Moreover, it’s not too overpowering which makes it ideal to wear no matter the occasion. Talking about quality, the higher concentration of aromatic oils allows the Atlantis to linger longer on your skin. Even with just a light spritz, expect it to last anywhere between seven to nine hours after each application.

Our Takeaway

Since no two people are alike when it comes to olfactory performance, what appeals to you may not to another. Nevertheless, most of the reviews are remarkably positive and go to show how the company carefully curates their products. You can grab a single 100 ml bottle or purchase it in twos or threes to enjoy a 10% and 15% discount respectively.

It would make an awesome gift for friends or family members. Just keep in mind that “Atlantis is for the guy who travels off the beaten path, who craves adventure, who isn’t afraid to venture into the unknown. Because that’s where stories and memories are created,” as indicated by the manufacturer.

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