The PasswordPocket from Atlancube is a device that mimics the features of online password management systems but does so more securely using military-grade encryption. It also does not need an online connection to prevent data breaches or hacking.

The team describes it as “a cutting-edge password management tool that allows you to effortlessly and securely store and manage all of your login credentials, credit card details, and sensitive information.” It comes in a pocketable hardware device that connects to your phone or laptop via Bluetooth 4.2+ and works with both Android and iOS devices as well as with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The PasswordPocket runs on a built-in CR2032 battery and operates with a companion app that you install on your phone or laptop. Once installed, you pair the app with the device and then you input all your passwords into it. This hardware device can store 1000 passwords and erases them from the app afterward once pairing is done.

Whenever you need to log in to a specific site or service, just bring the device close to your phone and press the button. The app will retrieve the logins stored in the hardware and autofill them to the website you’re logging into.

Moreover, the PasswordPocket reads the URL of the site to ensure that it can be trusted, this way preventing phishing, data theft, and other illegal data breaches. Best of all, it uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that’s highly impossible to crack. In case someone steals your device, or you lose it, you can back up all your credentials to your phone using a master key and restore them to another Password Pocket device. Your phone then deletes the backup from its own storage.

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Images courtesy of Atlancube