If you were born in the ‘70s, the company that dominated the video game scene at the time was Atari. Specifically, it was the Video Computer System (VCS) that took the market by storm when it launched in 1977. Folks who still own cartridges but have no console to play them with are in luck as the 2600+ drops for some retro gaming goodness.

We’re certain a wave of nostalgia will hit those who grew up with the original platform hooked up to their TVs. In fact, some of you might have stumbled upon on one among your parents’ stuff from back in the day stored somewhere like the attic or basement. However, unless proper care was taken back then, it’s likely dead as a doornail.

Thankfully, Atari doesn’t want you to rummage through all that junk just to enjoy the classics. Although old-school titles are readily available online and playable through emulation, the 2600+ gives actual game cartridges a new lease on life with some nifty upgrades. As indicated by the product page, it supports both 2600 and 7800 game carts.

The modern replica of the VCS is sure to bring back fond memories of the good old days of gaming. The iconic design is intact but offers HDMI output, USB-C power, widescreen mode, a reworked cartridge slot, and a light-up Atari logo. The 2600+ package includes a CX40+ Joystick and a 10-in-1 game cartridge packed with popular titles like Missile Command, Video Pinball, Yar’s Revenge, and more.

Atari is now accepting preorders for the 2600+ and shipping out units just in time for the 2023 holiday season. It would make a wonderful gift for your loved ones, and we believe it could even make a grown man cry as they unwrap this bad boy.

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Images courtesy of Atari