As e-bikes become mainstream platforms for sustainable mobility, we begin to see manufacturers develop more versatile models for consumers who want to enjoy rides beyond the confines of the urban jungle. ASYNC just unveiled a two-wheeler suited for any terrain dubbed the A1.

Beyond its stylish design, this bad boy allows owners to truly experience the freedom they seek. Most electric bikes that are commercially available right now seem to be focused on city traversal only. However, there is a healthy demand for emission-free machines that can withstand all types of shenanigans riders want to get mixed up in.

As such, the A1 flaunts a beefy frame that inspires confidence. Despite how chunky it may look, the aluminum chassis compensates via weight savings. The curves and geometric surfaces endow it with an understated yet sleek profile. The upside-down forks are adjustable so you can fine-tune the handling and responsiveness.

Disc brakes with a four-piston setup to provide trustworthy stopping power. Aside from the relaxed riding position offered by its saddle, handlebar, and pedal placement, the mono-shock suspension maintains a smooth drive over any surface. Its electric motor can max out at 2,500W and can hit a top speed of 28 mph.

Telemetry and other crucial information are displayed on a 4.0” LCD screen. Battery capacity is listed at 960 Wh (48V 20 Ah) which is good for up to 75 miles. Swap this out for the optional 1920 Wh (48V 20 Ah) option to boost the range up to 150 miles. “Powerful, stylish, and durable, A1 is function and form perfected,” notes ASYNC.

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Images courtesy of ASYNC