ASUS is a juggernaut when it comes to the gaming scene. The Taiwanese group’s Republic of Gamers (ROG) sub-brand is globally lauded for the quality and performance of its hardware and accessories. At CES 2023, the company unveiled its next wave of products which includes a new gamepad. Let’s check out the Raikiri Pro and its features.

Players will instantly recognize the silhouette. It resembles an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller but sports enough cosmetic differences to help you tell it apart. The analog sticks, D-pad, face buttons, shoulder buttons/triggers, and four rear buttons are more than enough for any title you might want to play.

As for the aesthetics, ASUS opts for what most gamers want on their peripherals – RGB lighting. The ROG Raikiri Pro executes this tastefully with an LED strip that runs diagonally across the front shell and wraps around the right analog stick and diagonally back down in the opposite direction.

The left side shows the ROG print, while the remaining section is translucent with the familiar emblem. Right above the Xbox button is an OLED display. Two additional buttons on the top help switch between controller profiles and more. Connectivity options include wired, 2.4 GHz wireless, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Remappable buttons, analog joystick sensitivity, and selectable step triggers give you full control over your gameplay. Meanwhile, audio output via the 3.5 mm jack is top-notch courtesy of the integrated ESS DAC. A mute button is likewise within reach so you can communicate with your teammates or go stealth mode in other games. ASUS is yet to nail down a release date for the ROG Raikiri Pro.

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Images courtesy of ASUS