ASUS’ Republic of Gamers brand continues to grow its market share. Although initially focused on PC gaming hardware and accessories, it is now a household name in the gaming smartphone scene. Like every other Android OEM out there, consumers expect a regular refresh and one is due to debut early next year. Teasers finally give us a glimpse of the ROG Phone 8 lineup.

Based on what we’ve seen, every generation of the Taiwanese computer hardware and consumer electronics group’s handsets have undergone cosmetic tweaks. Of course, it follows that the internal components and performance are also upgraded with each iteration. For its latest versions, many were quick to point out what could be a major departure from its usual formula.

When someone is in the market for a gaming-grade smartphone, what essentially matters are the chipset, RAM, storage capacity, display, refresh rate, touch sampling rate, battery life, cooling, and gaming-centric aesthetics such as futuristic livery or RGB lighting. Imaging capabilities are typically an afterthought, but the ROG Phone 8 series might change that.

ASUS is scheduled to unveil the new devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. However, it seems promotional materials have been leaked ahead of the big reveal. As such, renders of the ROG Phone 8 present a slightly more understated design. Usually, the rear cover is brimming with futuristic graphics and text, yet it’s no longer the case here.

Another notable shift might be on the primary cameras. There is no question the ROG Phone 8 series will be packing only the best specifications. Nevertheless, the reworked camera module implies that the smartphones could ship with top-notch imaging hardware and software. The big day is just a few weeks away until we can finally confirm if it’s all speculation or not.

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Images courtesy of ASUS