Asus is about to launch its new flagship gaming smartphone. We have two options to consider: ROG Phone 6 Pro and ROG Phone 6. Specifications-wise, both share the same components except for the RAM/Internal storage configurations and the rear secondary OLED display on the Pro model only. The company also announces the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro.

As with any major hardware release, manufacturers usually include optional accessories that let you get the best out of it. Asus is no different as it offers cases, coolers, controllers, and more. Meanwhile, the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro is geared toward mobile phone gamers who prefer to keep their audio discreet.

These may seem like your typical TWS earbuds, but there are features that make them unique. Users who want exceptional acoustic clarity and quality for their music will love what it brings to the table. However, Audiophiles will tell you that wireless codecs cannot match the performance of wired headphones or earphones.

To address this issue, Asus ships the ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro with an accessory of its own. In the box is a special cable that you attach to the buds that comes with an in-line ESS 9280 Hi-Fi DAC. It then plugs into your smartphone or other devices via USB-C. Each pair uses 10 mm drivers optimized for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound platform.

Since latency is the bane of every gamer, Asus adds an ultra-low-latency mode. At 45 ms, you can enjoy virtually lag-free audio. The ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro is also IPX4 splashproof and boasts top-notch active noise cancelling capabilities to make your listening experience even more immersive. Battery life (ANC off) is approximately 7 hours with an additional 21 hours from the charging case.

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Images courtesy of Asus