Are any of you into cryptocurrencies? Although opinions by financial experts are divided, we still see a lot of people buy into the game. The hype surrounding NFTs, on the other hand, is currently at an all-time low due to so-called controversies and alarming scams. Nevertheless, Jacob & Co acknowledges the blockchain’s significance with the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin.

If you are one of the few who made it big thanks to the watch’s namesake, then it’s rightly appropriate to show it off with this exceptional wrist candy. The prestigious jeweler/watchmaker is crafting only 25 examples of the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin and pricing each at $348,000.

Presenting The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin

Due to its design, Jacob & Co’s regular clientele might not find its presentation appealing. However, the timepiece is sure to attract those who made their fortune in trading Bitcoin. We have a 44 mm case fashioned out of titanium in a dapper coat of black DLC.

The Astronomia Solar Bitcoin case middle retains the familiar cutouts to give owners more angles to admire the intricate mechanical features within. On the case back is where you’ll find two fold-down handles. These sit flush when not in use. You can set the time and wind the JCAM19 manual calibre with a 48-hour power reserve here.

Under the sapphire dome, are two rotating plates with a microchip-like design in gold. The main one rotates counter-clockwise against the middle which holds several elements. At the center of the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin is a black terrestrial globe with three main arms and three subsidiary arms.

These hold a rotating Bitcoin décor, a 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, a Jacob-cut orange sapphire, a rocket ship with the Bitcoin symbol, a tourbillon, and a dial in the shape of a motherboard fan with two hands in gold. the Astronomia Solar Bitcoin comes with a black alligator strap that uses a black DLC titanium deployment buckle closure.

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Astronomia Solar Bitcoin Tourbillon

Images courtesy of Jacob & Co