As they say, modern smartphones and tablets are now so powerful that they can replace computers. In fact, with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, these can turn into productivity machines. The only problem here is the distractions that come from internet connectivity, notifications, and gaming. Now you can break free from these with the Freewrite Traveler.

Thankfully, Astrohaus knows exactly how to help us address the issue so we can focus on our creativity. We know some professional writers regularly break off from society with only a typewriter or notebook and pen in tow to draft their work.

This actually sounds cool, but some folks find mechanical typewriters bothersome. Plus, making mistakes in the process means you’re also wasting paper. Hence, if you prefer the convenience of a laptop with a word processor at your fingertips, that’s what you get with the Freewrite Traveler.

To improve portability, Astrohaus goes for lightweight polycarbonate here which tips the scales at only 1.6 lbs. As for the size, it measures 11.3” x 5.0” x 0.97” which is somewhat pocketable. Overall, the design reminds us of Sony’s ultraportable subnotebook computer – the Vaio P.

The Freewrite Traveler, on the other hand, is marketed for a different purpose. It flaunts a clamshell form factor and uses two E Ink screens. The bigger of the duo is the writing canvas, while the slim one below functions as the status window.

For an improved typing experience, the full-size keyboard features scissor switches with 2-mm of travel. Wi-Fi connectivity is available, but it’s only used for cloud storage backups. The internal storage can hold up to a million drafts easily anyway. Lastly, Astrohaus says the Freewrite Traveler should last up to four weeks on a single charge.

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Images courtesy of Astrohaus