Looking for the right audio device entirely depends on what you need it for. Take for example for traveling, which usually needs headphones that have excellent ambient noise reduction. Moreover, models that come with active noise cancellation are on high on the list. Next, users who live an active lifestyle will need ingress protection to keep moisture and dust out. Finally, content creators, streamers, and competitive gamers require accurate audio, which the ASTRO A40 TR + MixAmp TR will gladly deliver.

Just like noise-canceling headphones that frequent travelers use for the long-haul trips, comfort is the key. Gamers, streamers, and content creators normally wear these for long periods of time. There was a time when Turtle Beach was the brand of choice, but Astro is gaining popularity for good reason. This $249.99 set is a complete package that is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Mac, and PC. The soft cloth cushions on each ear cup are made of breathable fabric for superior ventilation.

Other than its versatile compatibility, the headphones actually look good. The mix of heavy-duty plastics and metal makes it quite durable. Furthermore, it features ASTRO Audio V2 tuning for exceptional acoustics that offers an immersive experience. Meanwhile, the included microphone is removable and can be attached on either side. The mixamp even features multiple ports and controls, which you can even digitally daisy chain. The large metallic dial knobs allow precise adjustments so you can hear every sound in detail. Finally, the Dolby Digital Surround sound processing makes the ASTRO A40 TR + MixAmp TR a cool combo.

Experience and audio treat with ASTRO

Images courtesy of ASTRO Gaming