Around the summer of 2022, an unlikely collaboration between renowned British carmaker Aston Martin with famed Scottish distillery The Bowmore gave us an exclusive single malt expression dubbed the ARC-52. The precious spirit was presented in a stunning decanter that instantly becomes a showpiece in any room. For 2023, it appears the two are back for the ARC-52 Mokume Edition.

Visually, the presentation of this luxurious one-off is as remarkable as the previous outing. We have an avant-garde form factor for the vessel holding a 52-year-old whisky. As we all know by now, despite experts telling us the age statement does not necessarily equate to an excellent dram, people are still seeking releases aged longer than usual.

Given that the ARC-52 will only see a single bottle hit the market, Aston Martin and The Bowmore only see fit to auction it off. Handling its sale will the prestigious folks at Sotheby’s. Proceeds from the sale are intended for The Bowmore Legacy fund. This project benefits the community in Bowmore, Scotland via housing, employment, and training.

To come up with such a striking silhouette, the legendary automotive marque uses traditional handcrafting techniques and 3D printing technology. Carbon fiber becomes the highlight here as the ARC-52 Mokume Edition employs a layering style called Mokume-gane to create intricate patterns and textures.

Given its rarity, we can only imagine the exquisite experience each sip delivers to our senses. The spirit is in the shade of deep-burnished gold. Aromas of apricots, guava, orange zest, and green apples, with herbal notes of eucalyptus, fresh menthol, and liquorice root. They describe the palate as fruity, citric, and sweet.

“As makers of bespoke and beautiful objects, proportion, shape, and form, along with careful selection of colors and materials, are incredibly important to us at Aston Martin,” says Aston Martin Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman. The ARC-52 Mokume Edition is inspired by the bay of Loch Indaal’s and the black rocks that dot the landscape.

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Images courtesy of Aston Martin/The Bowmore