Have you ever seen the Fiat Multipla? For those who did, would you agree that it’s an automotive abomination in the looks department? In fact, it’s a regular fixture in many “world’s ugliest cars” lists. Nevertheless, despite the questionable appeal, many lauded its practical features and reliable performance. The AKXY2 appears to be another rendition albeit with futuristic elements.

Short for Asahi Kasei x You 2, what this EV proposes is a self-driving platform that promotes social interaction. If not for the odd outline of the dome, the bottom section somehow looks like that of a sleek supercar. The front features a light-up grille with three LED headlamps.

The tail of the AKXY2 mirrors this design but does not taper as aggressively. The EV features a long wheelbase. Since this is a driverless vehicle, the two seats are positioned all the way to the back. Think of its as a mobile lounge that lets passengers relax until they arrive at their destination.

Unlike regular cars, those in the cockpit can bask in the sunlight and enjoy unobstructed views of the sky and scenery. The AKXY2 uses fold-out doors akin to that of a tailgate, while the transparent cover lifts up to facilitate entry and exit. You won’t find a steering wheel here, but there is an infotainment display on the dash.

Asahi Kasei, the concept artist behind the AKXY2 intends to take it beyond emission-free powertrains. The autonomous leisure vehicle will use sustainable materials such as recycled PET bottles and others sourced from plants. We can also see wooden sections with an inlaid trim. This is one of the more unique EVs we’ve seen recently.

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Images courtesy of Asahi Kasei