If you’re tired of the typical-looking desklamp then look no further than the Khonsu Clock Lamp from Articture. It is visually pleasing thanks to its aesthetically modern and stylish design. This is definitely one non-mundane-looking timepiece.

This clock does more than just tell the time. It is a bunch of things. For starters, it also repowers your mobile devices as it doubles as a wireless charger. It stands on a wooden base where an area on the side is specifically designated for a QI-enabled device to recharge. The base also has slots designed to hold your phone upright or sideways, although the phone does not recharge while docking.

Then there is its obvious purpose of providing the time sans the numbers and just a skeletal clock. It is easy to read the time during the day. But come nighttime, then there’s the illumination part. The Khonsu Clock Lamp provides three light settings through an LED light built within the clock’s circular design. A press on the silver on/off button gives out a different hue of white light for the perfect desk light ambiance.  When alight, the beam forms a halo around the clock. It looks stunning in the dark with the beam creating a wonderful play of light and shadow.  

The Khonsu Clock Lamp can also serve as a decorative piece in any room setting. It is minimalist in form with its metal circular frame that’s somewhat nautical inspired. Its sculptural design and bronze accent definitely make a bold statement on your desk or mantel. 

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Images courtesy of Articture