The design formula for most EVs typically just takes familiar silhouettes which receive a powertrain overhaul from ICEs to zero-emission systems. Maybe some futuristic embellishments here and there like extra LED lighting and electrochromic glazing, to name a few. However, what we want to see become reality are models like the Arrival ANT.

Instead of a fixed function architecture, Benjamin Miller and Mingwei Liu approach this as a modular concept. This here is a versatile system that mixes and matches parts depending on the task at hand. Think of it as something like LEGO bricks you can interconnect with other pieces.

The folks behind the Arrival ANT envision it for use in cities like London. Other urban areas with different road sizes will benefit from this EV’s capabilities. Its design suggests commercial and industrial usage. Still, it can also serve as a passenger vehicle albeit with limited seating. There appears to be a narrow and wide platform of varying lengths.

Next are the modular add-ons that can universally attach to any of the body types available. Among those we can glean from the images are a driver’s cab, a passenger cab, a pickup bed, and storage containers. The front wheels of the Arrival ANT are fixed while the steering system is assigned to the rear just like on some heavy machinery.

To give operators and drivers a 360-degree view of their surroundings, a transparent panel covers the cab’s frame. Meanwhile, the placement of its wheels always ensures top-notch stability. In some images, the Arrival ANT can even turn into a mobile food truck or café, with accessories like a crane arm to help lift heavy cargo.

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images courtesy of Benjamin Miller/Mingwei Liu