If you’re looking for a camping knife that can keep an edge and handle big jobs like chopping wood or building a shelter, you can’t go wrong with the Armageddon Knife ($192).

Built as a mix between a machete and a large chopping tool, Armageddon’s full-flat, curved blade is 1/4″ thick and 10.63″ long, and it’s made of 1095 Steel with black traction coating for protection against rust and abuse. The 6″ long handle comes in linen Micarta, meaning it’s strong, has a nice grip & adds a touch of class, while also improving the knife’s balance with a convenient finger choil. Made by the craftsmen at TOPS Knives (Ucon, Idaho, U.S.A), this big bad knife weights in at a considerable 24oz, and includes a ballistic nylon sheath.

Armageddon Knife 1

Armageddon Knife 2

Armageddon Knife 3

Armageddon Knife 4

Armageddon Knife 5