Ariel Nomad Buggy 6 (2)

The same brilliant folks that built the Ariel Atom – a single seater race supercar – brought their A game to the table once again, releasing the Ariel Nomad Buggy ($42,000). This mad off-road 2 seater opens up a whole new dimension to having fun on 4 wheels, whether it’s a gravel track, a green lane, a rally stage, a desert or just a grassy field.

The Nomad features Ariel’s signature bronze welded structure- a beautiful, purposeful and strong safety cage- along with a long travel suspension, double unequal wishbones, high rotation metallastic bushes and an aluminium quick steering rack. Powering this half competition – half road car, there’s a 2.4-liter four-cylinder Honda engine that releases 235 horsepower and an impressive torque output of 221lb ft. Despite its fat wheels and tires, the extra rollover protection and bulkier suspension and chassis, the buggy weights a modest 1,477 pounds, reaching a top speed of 125mph and an on-road 0-60mph sprint time in just 3.4 seconds!

Owners can choose from a wide number of customizations, including different colors for the tubular chassis frames, and add-ons such as roof lights, nerf bars, luggage racks and special exhausts. The Ariel Nomad is expected to hit the market this summer, with only 100 examples per year to be built. Watch the video below to see this bad boy in action, and imagine the grim you get on your face once you’re behind the wheel! via

Ariel Nomad Buggy 1 (1)

Ariel Nomad Buggy 6 (1)

Ariel Nomad Buggy 5

Ariel Nomad Buggy 3 (2)

Ariel Nomad Buggy 4

Ariel Nomad Buggy 8

Ariel Nomad Buggy 7

Ariel Nomad Buggy 3 (1)