The brand-spanking new Ariel Atom 4 being worked on behind the shed doors of the Ariel Motor Company is getting us excited. The model will be limitedly available for delivery in the spring of 2019.

Ariel was established in 1870 and begun with some quite different performers than what we see today, including bicycles. They progressed by adding more wheels and better designs, from tricycles to quads, and now we have them peaking as the crème de la crème of bespoke sport cars.

This latest car, a production of carefully considered feedback, boasts a Honda Turbo engine breathing 320 bhp and new chassis, steering, suspension, aerodynamic improvements, and bodywork upscaling. This is in addition to a bucket load of interior improvements. It will become the speediest Atom produced to date with improved torque and going from 0-100 in just under 7 seconds. It’s quite obvious that this is going to be a landmark moment for Ariel Motors.

The magic will take place in their Somerset hideout, but they will only build around 100 of these cars each year. Orders will be met with a bespoke service as one sole technician will take on your requirements and weave them into the car’s fabric. This tailor-made ethos is the reason why they are known as the “The Automotive Savile Row”. Hence, their inability to produce such quality on a mass scale which let’s be honest, makes them much cooler!

Want one? You can have one if you are willing to stump up around $52,000 or £40,000…

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