Arcturus’ Heavy Duty Survival Blanket is a reliable outdoor gear useful in many ways. It works as a mudproof, waterproof or windproof tarp or shelter or mat when camping, hunting, backpacking or boating.

This outdoor gear also works great as an emergency blanket thanks to its Mylar reflective layer on the inside that can reflect heat, create a radiant barrier, serve as thermal insulation or signal for help. The aluminum side reflects up to 90% of body heat making this blanket applicable to use during the summer as it keeps things cool or flip it to keep warm in the cold. 

Likewise, reflecting heat temporarily blocks your body’s infrared heat signature, thus offering camouflage in the IR spectrum. Adding brush or a ghillie blanket on top further reduces your heat signature while breaking up your profile. On the downside, Arcturus’ Heavy Duty Survival Blanket may not be as comfortably soft as standard blankets because it is made from two layers of polypropylene. So it makes crinkling sounds with your movements and may feel rough on the skin. 

Regardless, it offers protection from the elements in the outdoors along with its four reinforced tie-down grommets. The grommets allow this blanket to be stake to the ground to deflect/reflect heat or hung up with ease to serve as a shelter under its large size of 82″L x 60″ W. It comes with its own carry bag and only weighs 0.6, making it very portable. 

Arcturus’ Heavy Duty Survival Blanket also comes in an extra large size at 1.4kg with ten reinforced grommets for effortless tie down. This size even packs down small to 4″ x 10″ x 14″ inside its carrying bag. 

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Images courtesy of Arcturus