Bluetooth speakers have become an art form unto themselves, coming in so many sizes and shapes for both factory-produced and custom built cases. Entering the world displaying a traditionalist flavor, the ARCHEER 25W Bluetooth Speaker ($80) give a relaxing vibe, showcasing the natural tones of its bamboo wood case with a canvas wrapper around the middle.

Wireless connectivity allows the speaker to maintain its form without inconvenient protrusions, instead it relies on the upgraded charging port, which also features a port to connect a 3.5mm audio cable for non-Bluetooth enabled devices. Its 5200mAh battery is capable of holding an eleven hour play time at 50% volume (the ARCHEER can also blast tunes while charging).

The two 5 watt tweeters are said to provide medium & high frequencies of clear sound, while the solo 12 watt subwoofer balances the sound level perfectly with “thumping bass.” A very simple, solid and classy piece of equipment that will fit well on a shelf, desk, or mantle.