Coin-operated arcade game establishments may no longer be popular due to the arrival more powerful home console hardware and online multiplayer, but the appeal remains timeless. There is still a market for replicas and even original cabinets as old-school gamers seek to sate their nostalgia. As such, one designer opts give these machines a luxe minimalist makeover.

Arcade cabinets are generally bulky beasts. These freestanding gaming platforms come in different configurations that either have you stand up or sit down while playing. Jody Del Bianco is opting for the former, which is the classic configuration back in the day. Unlike most concepts, this is practically doable in real life.

With the help of emulation software, we can run almost any retro arcade or console game on a mini pc. For an even smaller physical footprint, some hobbyists go for a Raspberry Pi unit to handle everything. The Joystick and buttons are likewise easy to source from online shops and some specialty stores.

However, we are impressed by the clean craftsmanship of the wooden housing. Instead of covering the sides with wooden or acrylic panels, Del Bianco is opting for an open-work motif. Images of the Arcade Cabinet concept show that its multi-part construction is held together by screws.

We can also make out a flat-screen display with ball-top joysticks and standard buttons. It appears the Arcade Cabinet is also modular with an optional shelf for your current-generation gaming systems. There are also cutouts to help with wiring management. We would love to have a couple of these at home or at the office.

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Images courtesy of Jodinskylab