Inspired by the iconic Maman sculpture of a spider by French-American artist Louise Bourgeouis, the Arachnophobia timepiece represents an ode to modern art and fine watchmaking. Two famous luxury watch manufacturers have worked together on this exquisite piece, each lending their undisputed expertise and passion for innovation to the project. Designed by MB&F and built by L’Épée 1839, Arachnophobia is a horological stunner.

Arachnophobia Black WatchArachnophobia Timepiece

Standing gracefully on eight articulated legs, the spider’s body and head are actually a customized L’Épée movement, which is fully exposed and virtually mesmerizing. The design is completed by an instantly-recognizable MB&F feature – a black dome hour and minute display with contrasting white hands and numerals.

The beautiful yet somehow quite intimidating watch stands perfectly balanced on its legs on any flat surface, which makes it ideal as a desk decoration. However, because spiders are meant to be able to crawl up on pretty much anything, the aptly named Arachnophobia timepiece can also be mounted on walls with a center leg as support. Interested customers can choose between the classic black version, which sellsfor $15,800, or the more opulent 18kt gold plated one, priced at $18,050.