Range anxiety should never be an issue when you’re EV is promising up to 1,000 miles with each full charge. At least that’s what Aptera Motors claims its Paradigm is capable of. The last time we featured this sustainable mobility platform was back in 2021. Production was hinted to start soon, and the unveiling of the Gamma means it’s a step closer now.

The latest prototype of the solar-electric platform made its debut at the Fully Charged Live 2022. It’s cool that this iteration retains the two-seat three-wheel configuration. Press statements from Aptera are assuring eager buyers and investors that they’re gunning for a final commercial version next.

To fully optimize every bit of energy from its batteries, the Gamma touts a bold aerodynamic exterior. Moreover, its use of composites and other lightweight materials should help extend its range. The sleek body minimizes drag for efficient zero-emission motoring.

As battery technology gradually improves, mileage will eventually become a non-issue for consumers. However, what Aptera Motors intends is to harvest additional energy from sunlight. Impressively enough, this allows the Gamma to travel more than 40 miles on solar drive mode only.

This means as long as the weather stays sunny, your quirky ride should stay operational almost indefinitely. The cockpit appears larger than before but still looks cozy with its animal-free materials for upholstery and minimalist motif. Perhaps the manufacturer will offer more personalization options as well.

Those in attendance at the San Diego expo for sustainable mobility and more got a close-up look at the Gamma. From certain angles, we can clearly see art deco influences from its outline. Aptera already confirms over 30,000 reservations ahead of its purported 2023 production.

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Images courtesy of Aptera Motors