Apple recently just elevated the Smartwatch game when it introduced the Watch Series 4. The tech industry is abuzz when the company announced a new biometric feature included in the latest version. It’s reportedly recognized as the world’s first wearable that comes with an advanced electrocardiogram system to better monitor your health. Shortly after its launch, the company reveals a fancy new collaboration, the Apple Watch Hermès Series 4.

We know for a fact that there are even more luxurious Android smartwatches on offer by top-class brands. For example, the diamond-encrusted TAG Heuer Connected Full Diamond modular smartwatch clocks in at a staggering $180,000. So technically, its definition of being a luxury-grade version of the fourth-generation Apple smartwatch means that it costs almost as much as the new iPhone XS—priced just north of $1,000 for all variants.

Buyers can look forward to mutltiple variations of the fashionable leather wristbands. The Double Tour model sports a longer strap that’s designed to loop around twice before it’s secured by the buckle. This adds a stylish flair to how the Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 looks on your wrist. What we have next is the Single Tour, which flaunts a regular strap length with two buckle options. One is the standard buckle design, while the other uses a deployment buckle.

Apple Watch Hermès

Photos courtesy of Apple