For the longest time, Apple was considered by tech pundits as the most innovative in the market. It was also pointed out that its competitors supposedly just copy cool features to attract consumers. However, the Cupertino, California-based firm seems to have lost its touch over the years. As proof, a recent patent filed by the company hints at a new iMac inspired by the Surface Studio,

When Microsoft finally decided to diversify its portfolio, most were skeptical. Unexpectedly, the Surface series was exactly what Windows users wanted all this time. Meanwhile, Apple maintains complete control over its software and hardware, which means you won’t find any licensed OEM products.

With its target demographic eager for something fresh, the manufacturer is eager to deliver. According to Patently Apple, documents submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office reveal details about a multi-hinged iMac. Illustrations supplied hints at the fascinating capabilities of this device.

It’s no secret Apple’s latest all-in-one computer is slim, sleek, powerful, and premium. Nonetheless, everyone believes it could be even better with a touchscreen and stylus support. The iMac is already a favorite of content creators and digital artists, but there is still room for improvement.

Perhaps, the group’s executives finally agreed that they had no choice but to borrow ideas from its rival Microsoft. Apart from the similarities with the Surface Studio, this iMac is showcasing a special dock for wirelessly charging an iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch concurrently.

We could be jumping the gun here, but what we are looking at here is definitely a thrilling time to be an Apple user. With this type of iMac, professionals can seamlessly switch between their iPad Pro when they need a larger display to work with. 

Images courtesy of Apple/Patently Apple