It may have taken Apple a while to upgrade the MacBook Pro ($1,800+) but when they did they made the wait worth it! To start are the screen sizes; the 13″ MacBook Pro with two Thunderbolt USB 3 ports and The 15″ housing four ports. They both have greater contrast and show more colors than ever before.

Powered by Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, the new MacBook Pros come with Intel Iris or Radeon graphics. The Force Touch touchpad is larger for better control, while the whole machine is thinner and lighter than ever, and comes in the classic silver we all know, or a new space-gray hue.

Also new is the dynamic Touch Bar – a multi-touch display replacing the function keys that can be customized with your favorite commands and offers a “dynamic canvas that developers can use to add a new dimension to existing and future apps.” Connectivity between devices can reach 40 gigabytes per second, the notebooks offering data transfer, video output, and charging capabilities for up to six units.