Whenever Apple announces its next smartphone installment, potential buyers can at least expect upgraded performance, cameras, and gimmicks. Sadly, the company seems to have lost its touch when it comes to design and functionality. Just look at the past few iPhone generations to see what we mean. If their team needs some inspiration for future models, this concept iPhone 16S would make a cool addition to the lineup.

Since the iPhone 11, the “S” naming convention was finally dropped by the manufacturer. Many eventually believed it denoted an incremental upgrade, which made it less appealing to consumers. Meanwhile, Phone Industry — a concept artist based in Belgrade, Serbia — views things a little differently.

Only referred to as Petar by his profile on Behance, it’s evident he drew some inspiration from the most recent darling of the tech industry — the Rabbit R1. The latter was presented as a palm-sized device that leverages cutting-edge AI to perform a selection of tasks for the user. The iPhone 16S envisioned here takes it a bit further.

We can safely assume all telephony capabilities are on board as it only borrows the compact form factor from the Rabbit R1. The iPhone 16S concept reminds us of Apple’s 6th-generation iPod Nano. The front features a square display with rounded corners and beveled edges.

The power button/capture button is located on the right side of the frame, while the volume buttons, SIM slot, and USB-C port are assigned to the left flank. The top and bottom are adorned with bars, while the rear features grilles — both reminiscent of the new Mac Pro.

Given its compact size, the renders tell us there is no front-facing camera as it relies on a single sensor mounted on the rear. The section holding the primary shooter appears to be made out of glass like on the iPhone 5. This iPhone 16S concept is certainly cool, but Apple will likely stick with the same boring aesthetic for now.

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Images courtesy of Phone Industry/Behance