In today’s world, where machines build more and more of the things we buy, it’s utterly refreshing to discover a handmade product as finely finished as the Apache Gaan Damascus Knife ($85,00). Crafted in Pakistan, from Damascus Steel (a super-tough steel used in Middle Eastern swordmaking), this fixed blade hunting knife is hand forged, and hand-produced using the same tools and techniques from centuries ago.

The pattern on this VVV Gear Knife resembles the lightning symbols, representing the Apache Gaan spirits, believed to protect against epidemics and the enemy. Accompanying this razor-sharp 4mm thick blade, there is a handle carved of camel bone and a full grain hand stitched leather sheath, giving this knife an overall rich organic feel.

Each knife is different, with slight variations in color, Damascus pattern and overall look, due to the use of natural materials. The details, quality and hand-crafted nature of this knife, together with its durability, razor sharpness and practicality make the Apache Gaan Damascus Knife an excellent working knife on your next hunt or outdoor adventure.

Apache Gaan Damascus Knife 4 (2)

Apache Gaan Damascus Knife 2

Apache Gaan Damascus Knife 1

Apache Gaan Damascus Knife 4 (1)