The AnZa Espresso Machine is unlike your typical-looking home brewer. It has an unorthodox design that makes it look like a piece of art display. Its aesthetics is something you can marvel about because it looks like a piece of furniture. It’s artistic and stylishly minimalist. It will definitely stir up interesting conversations.

This unconventional coffee brewer comes in two designs: the AnZa Concrete and AnZa White. The concrete version is made with a hand-cast concrete shell with a powder-coated steel drip tray and brass and porcelain accents for its Ø58 portafilter. Its top plate is solid Corian which accentuates the toggle switches and the concrete shell.    

Meanwhile, the White AnZa Espresso Machine prefers to keep it sleek with a seamless crisp surface. It features oiled wood and brass for its Ø58 mm portafilter and drip tray. The top plate is in brass which creates a beautiful contrast to the steel switches. Both designs have porcelain and brass features for their steam knob.

In the box, the coffee brewers come with low nickel 304 stainless steel for the 300ml single boiler and a clear glass water tank. The steam wand has a detachable tip with three openings and runs on a 1350W heating element. Regardless of their design, both machines perform remarkably well and make high-quality, delicious espresso.

The AnZa Espresso Machine boasts a 15-bar ULKA pump with a pressure gauge and a PID-controlled brewing temperature of 199.4F (93C). As unconventional as they may look, they also come on the hefty side just like any other espresso machine. The Concrete weighs 22 kg and the White 17.5 kg. 

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Images courtesy of AnZaCoffee