Most yacht designs normally follow a certain conventional structure that sometimes makes it bland. Don’t get us wrong, these watercraft are precision engineered to perform and are decked to the ceiling with luxury. However, there are instances wherein a different approach can result in something quite attractive. The Anvera 48’s smaller form factor lands it the classification as a yacht tender, but we believe that it can stand on its own given what’s on board.

This 14.8-meter boat boasts a carbon fiber hull and a frame that actually looks like a supercar—technically it can be considered one that just works on water. A trio of skilled Italian artists, Paolo Picchi, Aldo Drudi, and Andrea Frabetti, contributed their work to craft this aerodynamic and hydrodynamic nautical machine. Equipped with twin 550-horsepower engines, this vessel slices through water at speeds of 55 knots.

Offering 215 square feet of lounging space, provided the rear gunwales are drawn out, turns it into a satisfactory alternative to what your main vessel might have. Moreover, below the foredeck sits an elegant master cabin ideal for overnight trips.

Anvera 48

Photos courtesy of Anvera