If you’re reading this on your desktop computer right now, how would you rate the comfort level of your seat? Most of us pay little attention to the overall ergonomics of our workstation or gaming setup, which can lead to a litany of postural problems down the line. Time for an upgrade and the Anthros might just be what the doctor ordered.

When you find yourself suffering from chronic pain and fatigue make sure to see a healthcare professional to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Once they rule out anything serious, the next probable cause to rule out is posture. Sitting, leaning, and even lying down in an awkward position will affect your joints, muscles, and circulation.

The manufacturer made it a mission to design a versatile piece of equipment ideal for use in the office or home. The Anthros owns up to its ethos with remarkable flexibility and top-notch support for various parts of our body. Since not everyone shares the same body type, it’s crucial to incorporate as many adjustable functions as possible.

According to the company, they gathered insight from folks who know exactly what it’s like to be seated almost the entire day. Wheelchairs are necessary for those who face challenges with mobility. Therefore, they came up with a robust one-size-fits-all solution.

The Anthros sports a stylish modern aesthetic with a two-part system that cradles your upper back and lower back pelvis individually. 4D armrests adapt to the user’s preferred position, while a premium contoured foam cushion distributes pressure evenly.

Interestingly, the heavy-duty four-spoke base features a swivel lock option to minimize accidental impacts from the casters. Of course, the Anthros also comes with the usual height and tilt adjustment system. Units are now shipping out to clients who preordered and stocks should be readily available in the near future.

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Images courtesy of Anthros